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Get “ROI”-ligion

After you get your website up to date, make sure your staff members are up to date on all the new improvements to the website, your updated approach to ROI, and the basics of your ROI philosophy. This will guide them and enable them to use these tactics whenever and wherever they can apply them. 

Meet regularly to discuss specific expectations with your marketing and sales directors. Make sure that they consistently track each customer relationship and target new ways to help customers see more clearly what they are getting in terms of value for investment. Make ROI a central philosophy and guidepost in all customer relationships. 

This is not easy, and there are scores of articles and books devoted to the topic. As Richard Vancil, VP of International Data Corp., said: “How often does the marketing investment result in sales? Classically, this is very difficult to prove. There are going to be many times when your people will have to search very hard for a means to this end.”

Face it, we’re all in business for a reason. Otherwise, we’d be off playing golf, gardening, practicing guitar or saving the world. Everyone working in the business world today knows instinctively that ROI is important. It’s something they live and breathe every day. But sitting down, talking about it, and making it your company’s mission will help everyone focus on the process. 

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