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Bold strategies and engaging creative for market-changing results.


Holistic, full-service marketing communications

CarneyCo has been serving clients with award-winning, innovative ideas for decades. The agency, established in 1980 by Skip Carney, has always provided holistic, full-service marketing communications solutions for various B2B and B2C companies. By asking the right questions, we get to the root of the problem and uncover our client’s true goals. Then, bold strategies and engaging creative bring it all to life for market-changing results.

Our proprietary ReVision™ process delivers a robust approach to solve client challenges and create even more precise strategy. It’s a valuable process to clearly identify and define issues within operations, sales, and marketing, and it enables clients to focus their resources for better and faster results. ReVision gives us the insight to solve seemingly unsolvable problems and empowers our clients to better serve their clients.

Jessica Carney McKnight, our current president — and Skip’s daughter — was born into advertising. Her dad put her to work in newspaper, radio, and TV commercials as a child, and she followed in his footsteps with a Journalism and Mass Communications degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!). Making her home in the Triad, she has worked for over 20 years within leading agencies in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC. In 2018, she joined CarneyCo to lead the family business, setting up an office in the Triad.

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CarneyCo gave us a new perspective on our business and allowed us to develop a unique position in a very crowded, very narrow space.
John Gill
Gill’s Process Control
Partnering with CarneyCo changed the way we manage sales, present ourselves, and our entire perception. The results have been astounding.
Jim Skilton
Southern Corrosion
Davenport Autopark
We tried to create a consistent brand image and increase our presence in the market and online for several years without success. Thanks to CarneyCo and ReVision, we have an engaging brand and a message that is resonating with our customers and community. This is only the beginning, and we have already seen great results.
Neill Nelson
Davenport Auto
I have never been this satisfied, if not blown away, by the creative aspects of the work as well as the spot-on fit with our vision.
Judy Rollins
NC Wesleyan College
CarneyCo has re-positioned our company as a leader in innovation while maintaining our commitment to tradition, family and Christian values that have defined our company since 1943.
Trey Braswell
Braswell Family Farms
CarneyCo's ReVision is the best process I've known to solve problems innovatively; to create something new, something different; and to stand out.
John Heeden
Southern Bank
Dallas Barnes - Hampton Farms
CarneyCo helped us get to the heart of the issue that was keeping us from success. It was tremendous.
Dallas Barnes
Hampton Farms
Ben Goetz - Goetz Traction
CarneyCo's ReVision process uncovered more and better questions from what we initially thought were our problems. It expanded our thinking and provided clarity to our situation.
Ben Goetz
Goetz Traction
We know what we want to be to our customers, but knowing how to transcend it and present ourselves as unique in a fairly commodified industry has been challenging. CarneyCo has helped us uncover our value proposition.
Sondra McCorquodale
Southern Bank

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