Rules For Winning

In order for you to win the majority of the time, you need a selling system that is more powerful than your prospects' objections. Here are some tips from the Sandler Sales Institute to make your sales system more effective. 

Establish rapport with your prospects. Prospects create a "defensive wall" because they know you want to sell them something. Your goal is to make them know you understand their problem from their point of view. 

Establish an upfront contract with prospects. In any sport, an umpire establishes the rules of the game and the players know what they can and cannot do. Let prospects know exactly what you expect of them. 

Uncover your prospects' pain. If your prospects have no pain, there will be no easy sale. They will continue with the status quo until the pain of doing nothing is greater than the pain of making a change to something new. 

Get the money issues out on the table. When you've uncovered your prospects' pain and are certain they have the money to get rid of the pain, then you can move on. 

Determine the decision-making process and the players. Can the prospects make decisions on their own, or are there other decision-makers? 

Present a solution that gets rid of the prospects' pain. First, ask a question: "On a scale of one to ten, with one being very little interest in my product or service and ten being that you've decided to use my product or service, where are you?" If the answer is five or less, you have a problem. Go back and restart the selling process. If the answer is six to nine, you need to ask questions and solve problems. If the answer is ten, sit back and ask, "What would you like me to do now?" This places the pressure where it belongs - on the prospects. 

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