Dynamic problem solving for any organization.

ReVision™ – a better way to get where you want to go.

ReVision is a powerful tool that turns an ordinary committee into an IDEA TEAM. It produces dramatic solutions to organizational problems, product/service problems, sales problems, and marketing problems. ReVision creates team alignment and brings new energy to any organization. ReVision is where innovation and strategy come together to create a bold new vision and a brighter future.

Solve the Right Problem at the Right Time

How many times have you started working on a problem only to later discover that you’ve been working on the wrong problem? You might have a brilliant solution, but if it’s for the wrong problem then it is the wrong solution, and it really doesn’t matter.

Cure Committee-itis

Businesses are run by committees. Different opinions, different perspectives often cause confusion, consternation and stagnation. Break through the log jam and get alignment.

Discover your WHY

WHY should your customers care? WHY do they want or need your product or service over your competition? Hint: It is more than WHAT your product or service delivers, WHAT your product is or HOW you deliver it.

Create an IDEA TEAM

Teams spend too much time focusing on problems, roadblocks and why things can’t be done. This blocks the process of creative problem solving. We all approach problems differently. Once the TEAM understands how that helps or impedes progress, the walls come down and the ideas begin to flow.

Change isn’t a four letter word.

Change is unavoidable and it takes many forms. ReVision helps you identify the hidden opportunities and get ahead of the challenges. What change is your business facing?


The industry, the competition, the workforce, the technology, you name it. Things are changing outside of your control.


Sales are declining, you are seen as a commodity, you are stuck in a rut, departments have become silos, you have been going round on the same issue without progress. Things need to change and they are within your control.


Business is good, but to keep it good and to make it even better, you need to stay ahead of the changes.

Uncover the Hidden Opportunities

Clients are Raving about ReVision

This is the best process I’ve known to solve problems innovatively; to create something new, something different, and to stand out.

John Heeden

SVP Marketing, Southern Bank

The process was unlike anything I had seen before. It takes everyone’s ideas, then consolidates them and gets everyone to agree to the major issues to address first. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who serves on any Board as a way to build consensus on priorities to be addressed.

Phillip Burnette

Committee Member, Kerr-Vance Academy

I have worked with a lot of agencies from New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Richmond, and Washington, DC and I have never been this satisfied, if not blown away, by the creative aspects of the work as well as the spot on fit with our vision. It’s exciting!

Judy Rollins

Vice President of Enrollment Services and Marketing, NC Wesleyan College

ReVision gave us a new perspective on our business and allowed us to develop a unique position in a very crowded, very narrow space.

John Gill

President, Gill’s Process Control

We know what we want to be to our customers, but knowing how to transcend it and present ourselves as unique in a fairly commodified industry has been challenging. This process helped us uncover our value proposition.

Sondra McCorquodale

EVP, Southern Bank

The ReVision process led us to take off the blinders and allowed for a much more open look at what we could be than I thought possible.

Dixon Fleming

Board Member, The Rudy Theatre

The ReVision for Southern Corrosion was eye opening. It changed the way we manage sales, present ourselves and our entire perception in the marketplace. The results have been astounding.

Jim Skilton

President, Southern Corrosion

Carney & Co. has re-positioned our company as a leader in innovation while maintaining our commitment to tradition, family and Christian values that have defined our company since 1943.

Trey Braswell

President, Braswell Family Farms

Are you focused on the right problems?

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