Mistake City

Mistake City

If you fear mistakes, you’re bound to make them. Why? Because instead of playing to win, you’re playing not to lose. Taking the safe path can lead you down the wrong path. If you’re trying not to lose or make mistakes, you’ll come up short. This attitude becomes a crutch that will negatively affect your […]

Keep the Pizzazz In Your Presentation

Kepp the pizzazz

Don’t dilute the impact of your message. Instead, help your audience follow along: minimize words and statistics on slides; use contrasting colors and varied type fonts to increase readability; don’t clutter the screen; provide written handouts. Remember: visuals should be a backdrop, not the main event, when you make a closing presentation. 

The 5 D’s of Success

Change is inevitable and, most of the time, represents progress. To be a super salesperson and live up to your full potential, remember these five D’s …

Why Ask Questions? Six Reasons

Do you ask enough questions? Here are six reasons questions are your most important selling tool:  Questions get the right person talking. That’s the customer. Questions focus the call on the customer, not the salesperson.  Questions show you’re interested in your prospects, which flatters them.  Questions help identify customers’ needs and desires so you can […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Price

The presentation has gone well. The prospect has asked many good questions, seems satisfied with your responses, and agrees there is a need for your product or service. Now it’s time to talk price. What do you do?  If the buyer mentions price first and you’re not yet ready to talk about it, you can […]

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