Sales Killers to Avoid
Most salespeople concentrate on learning how to make sales. But they also need to learn how to avoid some common ways of killing sales.  Sales trainer John Graham has identified
Tradeshow Tips
1. Add eye appeal. Glitz and glamour do work! Smart companies adorn displays with Christmas lights, colorful banners, kinetic scale models - even talking robots.  2. Pique browsers' curiosity. One company used
Achieve your goals
Setting and pursuing realistic goals is the key to success. How do you know if your goals are realistic? Once your goals are set, how do you achieve them? Follow
When sales and marketing work together great things can happen
"Marketing" is the discipline that strives to bring prospective customers to the "seller." "Sales" takes the product or service to the "buyer." When the two are bought into harmony with
dangle and offer that cannot be refused
Three individual businesses solved their prodigal customer woes with twists on the same advice from Los Angeles marketing consultant Jay Abraham: Dangle a freebie.  The secret lies in the strategy:
balancing creativity and roi
Let the heart rule the head - because this is true with 90 percent of your customers. We all like to think that we make our purchasing decisions in a
best response to no
You went all-out to get the sale. You prospected, cold-called, followed up, presented, and modified - but the prospect still went with someone else.  Losing a big one is tough,
A professional conference or seminar can be well worth the time away from the office if you take the right approach. Here's how to turn your next professional meeting into
If your customers do not perceive the value in what you are selling, they will most likely buy from your competitors. Focusing on the "drivers" that influence your customers' perceptions
A guarantee isn't a gimmick; it's the portal to improving customer relations. When your company has the courage to promise absolute satisfaction or give customers their money back, you differentiate
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