Sales Strategies for Superstars

Want to reach the top of your profession? Don't rely on luck. It takes hard work, dedication, a constant willingness to learn, and more hard work. 

  1. Don't just be a problem solver: Be a creative problem creator. Create awareness of problems clients may not even know they have. Find out what might be preventing your clients from getting a good night's sleep. 
  2. People buy from people they trust. Promise a lot, and then deliver more. 
  3. Successful salespeople don't sell price. They sell value. Clients don't want cheap. They want the best value they can get for their dollar. If you're just focusing on price, you won't last long in selling. 
  4. Prospect with efficiency. The most important element in the sales process is not giving information but getting information. Remember, your prospects will tell you what you need to know to sell them. But you have to ask - and listen. 
  5. An effective sales presentation is actually a two-way conversation. Customize each sales conversation to the buying style, needs, interests, desires, and problems of each individual buyer. 
  6. Sales resistance from prospects gives valuable insight into their thinking. Don't back off or skirt an issue. Instead, bring it out into the open as soon as possible. Objections, followed by probing questions, give salespeople the opportunity to discover the real reasons prospects don't buy. 
  7. The key to effective closing is effective prospecting. Closing the sale with a well-qualified prospect is the natural conclusion to everything correct and effective you have done in the sales process. 
  8. Service after the sale is essential. It is the glue that keep clients loyal, buying more, and willing to give referrals. The best salespeople work as hard to keep their clients as they did to get them. 

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