The Best Response to ‘No’

best response to no

You went all-out to get the sale. You prospected, cold-called, followed up, presented, and modified – but the prospect still went with someone else.  Losing a big one is tough, especially when you’ve really put your heart into it. But how you respond can render all your hard work either a complete waste of time […]

Do You Have a Guarantee?

A guarantee isn’t a gimmick; it’s the portal to improving customer relations. When your company has the courage to promise absolute satisfaction or give customers their money back, you differentiate yourself from your competitors by announcing up front that your number one long-term goal is customer loyalty. The guarantee is also a good word-of-mouth promotion […]

Crash Course On Customer Service

The 10 most important words: “I apologize for our mistake. Let me make it right.” The 9 most important words: “Thank you for your business. Please come back again.” The 8 most important words: “I’m not sure, but I will find out.” The 7 most important words: “What else can I do for you?” The 6 most important words: “What is most convenient for you?” […]

Five Steps to Fostering Goodwill

A seasoned professional salesman once said to some new recruits, “No customer will leave you as long as it is to his or her advantage to stay. Your job is to make sure that there is an advantage in the continued relationship, and that your customer is fully aware of it.” It almost seems too simple a […]

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