Mistake City

Mistake City

If you fear mistakes, you’re bound to make them. Why? Because instead of playing to win, you’re playing not to lose. Taking the safe path can lead you down the wrong path. If you’re trying not to lose or make mistakes, you’ll come up short. This attitude becomes a crutch that will negatively affect your […]

Top Salespeople Sell in Every Economy

Some salespeople view themselves as victims of the economy. They listen to all the pessimistic economic forecasts and blame declining sales on terrorists’ acts and other issues. Top salespeople accept no excuses for poor performance. They recognize that customers depend on them to perform tasks that need to be done. They view themselves as completely […]

10 Sales Mistakes You Don’t Ever Want To Make

1. Not preparing for the call. You must know your customers, the marketplace, and the customers’ competition, and you must read one or two business periodicals per week. 2. Using poor opening statements. Buyers today want to purchase from people they trust, people they know, and people who excite them. When on the phone, sit up, shoulders back, […]

Recognize the Stages of Customers’ Decision-Making to Sell More Effectively

If your complaint is that it takes customers forever to make up their minds, maybe you don’t fully understand the decision-making process. Recognizing which stage a customer is in will help your sales strategy.  Deciding to decide. Before customers select a product to purchase, they have to make up their minds to buy in the […]

Continuous Learning Increases Territory Sales

Do you approach every sales call as a learning opportunity? Do the customers in your territory view you as a resource for new information? The best approach is to use a continuous learning mentality. Consider the following: 1. Develop a personal library.                              […]

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