Need Better Leads? Hold a Website Contest

Your website should be a bountiful source of leads for your sales staff. With the right kind of planning, an online contest can produce a steady stream of qualified prospects. Here are some pointers:  Decide on the contest objectives. Since you want to draw attention to your products and services, select an activity that will encourage […]

How Often Should You Advertise?

What are people actually thinking about when they see your ad? Thomas Smith, a nineteenth-century London businessman, offered the following advice to advertisers in 1885. And his words still apply today:  1. The first time people look at your ad, they don’t even see it.  2. The second time, they don’t notice it.  3. The […]

Brain Power

Nothing beats a good idea’s potential return on investment. Make brainstorming sessions more productive with these steps to create the right environment, initiate the flow of ideas, and keep the session fun.  Creating the right environment. Place stacking chairs outside the meeting place and ask participants to carry their chairs in themselves so the group […]

Discover the Creativity

To regain your imaginative edge:  Disrupt your daily habits. Commute to work a different way. Redecorate your office. “Borrow” an unused workspace. Changing your environment can sharpen your sensory perceptions and spark creativity.  Give up. Devote a few days to not thinking about the problem. Temporarily setting aside your creative challenge can help relieve pressure […]

Ready to Think Big?