Increase the Effectiveness of Your Emails with These Tactics

The rise of virtual teams and long-distance workplaces has brought a growing dependence on email. Like every form of communication, email is a tool that requires a certain amount of finesse. Here are some tips for you on getting the message across.
1. One email, one topic. Don’t try to cover too much territory in a single email. People may have trouble deciding which topic is a priority. 
2. Specify the desired action. Without verbal cues or body language to depend on, you must make sure your message provides clear-cut direction that’s unambiguous: “We need to have the project concluded by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 9.”
3. Choose recipients selectively. Everyone receives more email than they can read. Restrict your group messages to people who need them in order to get something done. Resist the urge to send messages to everyone. 
4. Include alternate contact information. Create a signature with your phone number and address. This gives everyone the option to pick up the phone and call you right away. 
5. Go face to face for sensitive communication. If you’re unsure about how a person will react to your email, then call the person or visit them face to face. When issues have the potential to become emotional, you’ll do a better job of handling the situation if you can address it in person. 

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