Continuous Learning Increases Territory Sales

Do you approach every sales call as a learning opportunity? Do the customers in your territory view you as a resource for new information? The best approach is to use a continuous learning mentality. Consider the following: 
1. Develop a personal library.                                                                                                           

Ask your customers about their favorite authors. Buy books by those writers and talk to your customers about them. You'll learn about new writers and experts in your field and establish rapport with your customers. 

2. Subscribe to magazines that focus on your industry.
Specific industry magazines help you stay current with your marketplace. 

3. Set a daily reading goal.                                                                                                                                  

Fifty pages per day. When you mix fiction, nonfiction, and company information on your products and services, your overall knowledge will increase tremendously. 

4. Use your car as a traveling university.                                                                                              

Several companies sell audio learning tools on a variety of subjects. The opportunities to learn are endless. 

5. Prepare for unexpected learning opportunities.                                                                              

Use the time you waste in doctors' waiting rooms, airport lounges, and customer lobbies to sharpen your skills. Pull out a newspaper, magazine, or book, and learn while you wait. 

6. Learn from your competition.                                                                                                                    

Look on the Internet for information about your competitors so you can better prepare and present your own features and benefits. 

7. Join organizations in your industry. 
This will help you learn new skills and demonstrate to your customers that you are willing to support their industry activities.

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