Continuous Learning Increases Territory Sales

Do you approach every sales call as a learning opportunity? Do the customers in your territory view you as a resource for new information? The best approach is to use a continuous learning mentality. Consider the following: 1. Develop a personal library.                              […]

Boosting Revenues, Not Cutting Costs, Is Way to Succeed in Downturn

Contrary to what cost-cutting beancounters contend, the slashing approach during economic downturns may do more harm than good to profits.  Now, new research shows that programs aimed at building revenues through customer retention and loyalty are far more successful at generating profits than any other approach.  Researchers say cutting costs is not the best way to go […]

Be a Better Seller

Even experienced sellers need a refresher course every now and then. Here are five things for salespeople to remember to improve their persuasiveness during sales calls.  Selling isn’t about salespeople and their products. Selling is about customers and their problems. You’ll close more sales by being customer-centered, not self-centered.  Prospects who haven’t developed trust in you […]

Get to Know Your Nasty Customers

There are tough customers, and then there are nasty customers – the ones who are rude, sarcastic, intimidating, mean, and vulgar. Nasty customers are the curse of new salespeople and veterans alike, and although you think you can handle any type of customer, there are some myths that need to be rectified when dealing with […]

Add Power to Your Sales Letters

What’s the most powerful section of your sales letter? Research shows that the postscript is one of the first (sometimes only) items a prospect looks at. Use the P.S. to restate your key point, emphasize a deadline, and/or pique the customer’s curiosity enough to read the entire letter. 

Ready to Think Big?