Be a Better Seller

Even experienced sellers need a refresher course every now and then. Here are five things for salespeople to remember to improve their persuasiveness during sales calls. 

  1. Selling isn't about salespeople and their products. Selling is about customers and their problems. You'll close more sales by being customer-centered, not self-centered. 
  2. Prospects who haven't developed trust in you believe themselves more than they believe you. As a result, the best salesperson at the table isn't you; it's your customer. 
  3. Discovery is at the heart of the sale. People believe what they can experience for themselves. Therefore, the essence of selling is facilitating the power and the process of self-discovery. 
  4. Less is more. When you make a presentation, limit the amount of information you present. Address only the problems identified and agreed upon during discovery. Limiting the amount of information you present to prospects can also help you with objections and negotiations and allow you to seal a future sale. Also, it can prevent you from confusing your customer. 
  5. Don't expect an informed customer to reconsider without a compelling reason to do so. In order to deal with objections or change no to yes, present new information, present old information with a new perspective, or extend an offer to negotiate as a move to closure.  

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