5 Ways to Problem-Solve

No matter if you're a salesperson, sales manager, or CEO, you'll face problems. They're as inevitable as the sunset. So be prepared to solve difficulties with these tips to enhance your problem-solving ability. 

  1. Anticipate problems. If you keep your attitude positive but plan for the worst, you'll find yourself in a good position to solve problems that come your way. 
  2. Accept the truth. Accept the problem and try to make things better. Face up to the reality of the situation. 
  3. See the big picture. Don't allow yourself to become so bogged down in details that you lose sight of what's important. 
  4. Handle one thing at a time. If you're faced with lots of problems, make sure you really solve the one you're working on before moving to the next step. 
  5. Don't give up a major goal when you're down. Make major decisions when you're experiencing a positive swing, not during the dark time. 

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