You Can’t Afford Not to Prospect

The jury is out about whether good salespeople like to prospect or can do it well. But the bottom line is that without new business, salespeople are gambling. Here are some ways to go about prospecting successfully. 

  • Allow time to prospect. Set aside a fixed number of hours for making cold calls, and stick to this plan - no matter what comes up! 
  • Set prospecting goals. Determine the number of prospects that you will try to see each week. Try to be realistic about this. 
  • Keep a log of your progress. This will help you keep track of your activities, and it will give you self-confidence. When doubt sets in, look back at your records. 
  • Communicate! Practice your telephone skills, and ask someone to read your business letters. The better your communication skills, the greater the chance you have for success. 
  • Become knowledgeable. People will choose to work with you rather than the competition because you know more and can give worthwhile advice. Stay informed on what's going on in your industry so you can talk intelligently about changes and what they mean to your customers.

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