Study Reveals Crucial Sales Tips

If you want to sell executives on a proposal, service, or project, your presentation must be organized - and it should also be informal, relaxed, and conversational. 
That's a major finding from a study of 162 executives conducted by Genesis Training Solutions. Here are other suggestions to consider: 

  • Avoid a hard-sell approach. Stay away from hype and aggressiveness. 
  • Highlight all the tangible and intangible benefits associated with your proposal. Justify the benefit-to-cost ratio. 
  • Make sure your proposal is concrete and believable, based on supporting facts. Abstractions can cloud the issue and raise doubt. 
  • Make the executives feel secure about a positive outcome. Do so by focusing on why the project or solution will be successful - despite potential risks, costs, and unexpected solutions. 
  • Display the utmost personal and professional confidence in your recommendations. Practice handling tough questions and concerns from the audience - especially "what if" questions. 

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