10 Sales Mistakes You Don’t Ever Want To Make

1. Not preparing for the call. You must know your customers, the marketplace, and the customers’ competition, and you must read one or two business periodicals per week. 
2. Using poor opening statements. Buyers today want to purchase from people they trust, people they know, and people who excite them. When on the phone, sit up, shoulders back, and have good voice inflection. Show excitement and gain a friend. 
3. Sending product information. Some prospective clients get rid of salespeople by saying "please send me a brochure.” Explain that what is found in the brochure only summarizes your services. To be truly helpful and better qualify the customers' needs, you can either answer all their questions then or you can reschedule at a better time. This illustrates that you respect their time and reveals whether they are sincere or merely trying to get rid of you. 
4. Not listening. Although we are typically eager to “tell” others about our products, it is important to listen. Ask many questions to get a thorough understanding of the prospects’ needs. 
5. Failing to anticipate objections. If you listen and really understand your client, you lessen the risk of last-minute objections. 
6. Not pinpointing all the players. Often, more than one person is involved in making purchasing decisions. Make sure you know who these people are. 
7. Failing to establish rapport. Establish a good relationship by asking questions and finding common ground. People want to purchase from those they know, trust, and like. 
8. Poor questioning. Plan and write down the questions you will ask in a logical order. Begin with general questions and move to more specific ones. 
9. Not reviewing your calls. Post-call reviews help you understand where you made errors and what you did right. They also help you remember valuable client information. 
10. Forgetting to ask for the order. Never forget to obtain what you work for. Even if you think it might be too early, simply ask, “Do you want to purchase?”

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