Eight Simple Steps for Developing Effective Customer Communications

Here are eight suggestions that will help you to launch an effective customer communications plan: 

1. Structure a plan for each customer that combines modern technology with personal, direct communication. 

2. Set a schedule for customer contacts and mark them on your calendar. Make adhering to this schedule an absolute priority. 

3. Take time to track down important reports, statistics, and correspondence. Review this information in advance, and have it handy during your conversation. 

4. Ask questions. Take notes. Listen carefully. 

5. Accept your customer’s comments openly, not defensively. 

6. Vary your approach. After you’ve spoken on the phone a couple of times, arrange to meet in person. 

7. Send a thank-you letter after your conversation to show you appreciate your customer’s time. 

8. Promptly fulfill any promises you’ve made, and if you can’t (heaven forbid), be sure to tell why. 

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