Keep Loyal Customers Satisfied with Personalized Service

While it is important for you to be personable with every customer, your repeat customers deserve service that goes beyond simple courtesies. You should make a serious effort not only to get to know your loyal customers, but also to understand and anticipate their needs and let them know you value them as an asset […]

Battle the Three Primary Reasons Customers Defect

In the fight for new customers, what is your company doing to retain those you already have? Probably not enough. Increase customer retention by addressing the three reasons most customers stop doing business with a particular company:  Value discrepancy. This means that you’re not delivering what customers think their money is worth. It includes such […]

Punch Up Your Presentation

Add persuasive punch to your next presentation by imagining you have got only five minutes to sell the organization’s president on your idea. 

Give Your Customer a Toy!

We often limit corporate gifts to food, pens, and clothing items. Doesn’t everyone have enough coffee cups and mouse pads? What if we lightened up and gave customers desk toys? Most adults who receive toys will claim that they are “for the kids,” but the smiles on their faces give another message. Be sure the toy […]

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