Product Pointers

Keep Loyal Customers Satisfied with Personalized Service

While it is important for you to be personable with every customer, your repeat customers deserve service that goes beyond simple courtesies. You should make a serious effort not only to get to know your loyal customers, but also to understand and anticipate their needs and let them know you value them as an asset to your business. 

One of the most effective ways to offer personalized treatment is by jotting down information about customers. You can keep your customer notes on computer records or in a private rotary file. When you receive a call from a particular customer, you can simply refer to these “crib sheets.” Here are some kinds of information you might want to collect: 

Personality type. 
Is this a customer who is generally cheerful and enjoys a little chitchat? Or is this someone who is “all business”? Tailor your service efforts to match the customer’s approach to doing business. 

Personal information. 
If a customer mentions a family member, pets, hobbies, or other interests, jot this information down. Customers will be impressed by your “memory” when you say, “When we spoke three weeks ago, you were leaving on vacation. Did you have a nice time in Las Vegas?” This type of personal attention flatters customers and sends the distinct message that your organization cares about them as real people – not just as sources of revenue. 

Customer business history. 
Note any problems the customer has encountered in the past with your company, producers or services. Your current conversation is a good forum to make sure no new problems have occurred. It’s also a good time to thank the customer for previous business. 

Anticipate needs. 
With the information you compile on your regular customers, you should begin to identify purchasing habits, product or service interests, and other key needs and preferences. Use your knowledge to inform customers of new products, services, and sales, or simply contact them regarding reordering.