Your Customers’ Perception Is Your Reality: Look at the Marketplace Through Their Eyes

If your customers do not perceive the value in what you are selling, they will most likely buy from your competitors. Focusing on the "drivers" that influence your customers' perceptions of value can help you position your product or service as a solution to the challenges they face.

Here are their primary concerns: 

  • Financial. Your customers are under pressure to perform. To produce profits, they must either build sales or reduce expenses. How can you help them do either one - or both? 
  • Operational. Your customers are challenged to improve their internal structures so that they can show increased returns on investment. Can you help them do better jobs of selling or of fulfilling their orders? 
  • Marketplace. Your customers need to build their own customer bases and beat out their competitors. Do you have plans for them to grow their businesses, build customer loyalty - and gain a competitive advantage? 
  • Supply chain. Most companies are seeking ways to use fewer suppliers and strengthen those relationships. Are you positioned to partner with your customers to take advantage of new industry trends and move into the future? 

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