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The 5 D’s of Success

To be a super salesperson and live up to your full potential, remember these five D’s:

You must make a conscious decision to take charge of your own life and future if you want to grow. Change is difficult and not without risks. However, change is inevitable and, most of the time, represents progress. It’s said that people do something new and different only when the pain of doing nothing is greater than the pain of making a change. What’s the alternative? Five years from now, you’ll be in the same place – just five years older. 

All successful salespeople have a burning desire to achieve their goals. How badly do you want to reach yours? Develop a passion for what you do and what it means to your future. Keep a mental picture of what your success means to you, both personally and professionally. 

You get out of something only what you put into it. Develop your personal sales plan and work it. Do what you have to do – day by day, week by week, and month by month – to reach your objectives. 

No pain, no gain. Most people fail because they’re not willing to pay the price to get where they want to be. Remember, if you do what you fear, you won’t fear what you do. Selling is a tough business with a high level of rejection. Have a strong resolve and don’t give up. Do it now. 

Don’t wait until tomorrow or next week to start. Simply making the decision and then starting on a new path instills confidence.