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Too Busy to Say Thank You?

Your intentions are good, and you know it’s important, but somehow you never have time to send that all-important thank-you note after closing a sale. 

Get a roll of stamps and a supply of attractive-yet-businesslike thank-you notecards. Put the notes, the stamps, and a couple of pens in a box or manila envelope, and keep it by the chair in the living room where you watch television. 

At work, jot down important addresses, and take them home in a file folder every day. That way you can relax, watch TV, sign thank-you notes, and address envelopes at a leisurely pace. By doing a few each evening, you won’t get behind. 

Handwritten cards and envelopes are especially effective because of their personal touch, and you’ll generate a lot of goodwill without a lot of effort. 

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