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Don’t Oust Trade Shows

At many companies, people are looking for financial corners to cut. Whether it’s supplies or salaries, many managers have to protect their departments from the budget knife. 

For sales managers, trade shows are a necessity to keep sales afloat. Here are three reasons you can give to others in your company to keep your exhibit budget intact. 

1. Company image. Prospects need to know that your company is still a player in the industry. 

2. Sales cycle. Your reps work hard finding prospects. Trade shows help shorten that step by bringing the prospects to you. Cutting out the cold call step in the process makes selling faster – and more cost-effective. 

3. Profitability. Showing other managers the results of trade shows usually will silence the critics. 

When you skip trade shows:

  • Competitors have free reign
  • Customers will forget you
  • Prospects may not know that you exist

Finally, try to track things like lead generation, selling ratios, and sales volume to confirm exhibit success. 

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