Speak Up and Get Heard: Voice Search and What It Means for Your Business.

SEO is NOT dead. If anything, it’s only gotten better. So, forget typing. People are asking. The use of voice assistants has been popular with over 35% of smartphone users, many of whom are searching for local businesses. Those who use voice search are also far more likely to take immediate action. Some of the best (actionable) steps to optimize your voice search are:

Claiming your local listings: Be everywhere your customers might ask about you; Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing Places.

Speaking your prospects’ language: Ditch jargon. Instead, research natural phrases your audience uses to ask questions. “Best pizza near me,” not “artisanal Neapolitan establishments.” You should be using conversational language.

Optimizing website speed: Make sure you’re using a good host. Voice assistants prioritize information ASAP.

Answering the questions: Create content that directly addresses user queries in your industry. Blog posts, FAQs, videos – be informative and concise.

Now is not the time to be impressed by a new technology and not take action. Voice search isn’t the future. It’s now. There are thousands of companies already reaping the rewards of voice search early.  Don’t be silent. Start speaking up and get heard in the age of voice-activated technology.