Kids Know How to Innovate

The world is one big school, and sometimes our lessons come from unlikely places. For instance, if salespeople were more like kids, they might be more successful. Consider these examples. 

  • Kids don't pay attention to the word "no." They ignore it and keep right on going. Maybe they are not always successful, but "no" doesn't stop them. And if one parent says "no," it is the rare child who won't go to another level in the decision-making chain! 
  • Kids are risk-takers. They are fearless. It wouldn't hurt most of us to throw caution to the wind from time to time. We have fewer regrets when we take risks, and we don't ask "What if?" quite as often. 
  • Kids use their imaginations. As adults, we doubt our own creative powers. Get rid of that censor who tells you that you aren't creative! You'll be surprised by the results. 
  • Kids are ambitious. They don't accept the status quo, and they look forward to great things in the future. 
  • Kids laugh. How often did we laugh today? Kids laugh 20 times more than adults. 
  • Kids are active. Activity keeps their attitudes fresh and gives them a healthy self-image - something adults could remember when they feel like being couch potatoes. 
  • Kids are curious. Salespeople need to be curious to explore every possibility when they are talking with a customer. 

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