Don’t Forget the Powerful Sales Letter

In spite of the multitude of communication options available today, the sales letter remains a viable vehicle for reaching your prospects. Here are a few tips to help you revive this "ancient" art to your advantage:

Use an arresting headline. Your prospects will continue reading if the first line they see is something like "Outsmart your competition" or "Save 35% on your freight bills!" 
Expand the headline with a benefit. Tailor that benefit to the needs of the person reading the letter. For instance, if you are appealing to a competitive situation, tell how your manufacturing technology can get a product out faster. 
Use proof sources. Nothing supports your claim like actual cases, testimonials, and statistics. Ask satisfied customers if you may use them as references. 
Make an offer. Offer a limited-time discount, service contract, or free peripherals - something that will compel the reader to respond quickly. 
End with a call to action. Include your email address, phone number, business reply card, or order form. 

If this doesn't tempt your prospect, you now have a great reason to pick up the phone and follow up. 

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