Sales Solutions

How to CAPTURE Business

C – Customize: Create an individually targeted presentation and solution for each potential customer. 

A – Analogies: Find a sales situation in previous sales in which the buyer made a decision similar to the one you need from this buyer. Remember that adults act on precedent. 

P – Perceived value: Your buyer’s perception of your solution must be that it solves his problem. It is the promise you make – and even the appearance of your sales materials counts. 

T – Time: Don’t let your buyer focus on the short-term acquisition price. Present your proposal as delivering the product or service from start to finish – a long-term solution. 

U – Urgency: Don’t misuse urgency by focusing on it negatively. Your customer will perceive that as a threat. Consider it from the buyer’s angle and explain the positive benefits he’ll derive if he buys now. 

R – Reassure: If your buyer is going to pay more, he needs to be reassured. Use proof sources such as testimonials, warranties, and guarantees, and create a list of value-added extras to reassure him. 

E – Engage: Draw the buyer into the process by asking questions such as “What do you think?” or “How do you like this?” Get your customer mentally involved by helping him create a mental picture of ownership. Get him physically involved. Have him take notes, complete forms, handle paperwork, and participate in a demonstration. Give him literature pieces and written proposals that he can use to sell himself.