Gaining Clarity On Business Problems

Great Questions to Consider

It is not uncommon to be stuck on a business problem and sometimes the issue can even stem from challenges with team members. The best thing about problems is that creative solutions can follow. Many companies spring into action for resolution and put out fires with the best of intentions, but don’t take the time to truly understand the root causes and other factors around the problem. This can create even more issues. 

Think through the following questions to get on the right track.

What do you think your #1 problem is?
Fully understand the problem, then you can begin to work on the best solution. 

What does an ideal outcome look like?
Do you have an end goal in mind? What would it take to make this happen? 

What are the contributing factors to this problem? 
Why is this particular issue a problem? What or who makes it a problem?

Is there anything you or someone on your team can do to easily fix the problem?
Consider whether or not you could be a contributing factor yourself, and if so, what can you do to fix that. Are there team members who might be able to easily improve the scenario? 

Are tools or resources necessary to solve the problem?
Sometimes we simply lack a particular resource and need to put that into place. Are tools like software, additional employee training, development courses, mentoring or feedback needed? 

How can team members provide support to solve this problem?
As a manager, you must ensure your team members can do their jobs successfully. It is important to clearly discuss expectations and goals so they know what they are working toward, but often we leave them out of problem-solving. Encourage discussion and creativity because one of your team members may be sitting on a fantastic idea. 


These are just a few questions to think about. CarneyCo can help you discover, research, and analyze problems in an in-depth fashion to determine the best solutions and remove solution blindness. This in turn helps you and your team become focused and aligned on the right goals. 

Quickly and easily schedule a complimentary demonstration of our process where we work with you on one of your real and current business problems.

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