Communicate Your Way to a Successful Close

You may be saying one thing, but your prospect is hearing something completely different. This could cause problems during the close. To communicate more effectively, consider the following for a successful close: 

  • Language. Speak in terms your prospect understands. Vague terminology and unclear jargon won’t close the sale. Avoid backtracking and longer-than-necessary explanations of what you mean. Enunciate and speak clearly. Ask questions to be sure your prospect understands you. 
  • Message. Don’t send mixed signals. There may be times when your prospect throws all sorts of objections at you, and you are left to explain. In this case, speak slowly and do your best to convey the appropriate message for each objection. Be consistent in your effort to persuade your prospects. You may also have to repeat the message in order to get your point across. 
  • Cooperation. Convey your ideas, knowledge, and skills to your prospects. More importantly, are you listening to what they have to say? Teach and learn from your prospects. 

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