A TARGETED STRATEGY begins with making sure you are climbing the right hill.

Most companies think they have a solid business and marketing strategy. In fact, it may be a good or even great strategy, but the reality is many strategies can be a gamble if not properly approached and developed. Common reasons include:  Basing strategies on wrong assumptions and gut feelings versus having a clear understanding of […]

The Cost Of Lost Productivity And The Emotional Toll Of Committee-itis

A One Hour Meeting Could Cost You $2,100 Per Hour or More Meeting anxiety, meeting fatigue, and lost productivity dominate our modern workday. It doesn’t matter if the meetings are virtual or in-person or a hybrid of the two, the result is the same.  According to Harvard Business Review, “70% of meetings keep employees from […]

Gaining Clarity On Business Problems

Great Questions to Consider It is not uncommon to be stuck on a business problem and sometimes the issue can even stem from challenges with team members. The best thing about problems is that creative solutions can follow. Many companies spring into action for resolution and put out fires with the best of intentions, but […]

Communicate Your Way to a Successful Close

You may be saying one thing, but your prospect is hearing something completely different. This could cause problems during the close. To communicate more effectively, consider the following for a successful close:  Language. Speak in terms your prospect understands. Vague terminology and unclear jargon won’t close the sale. Avoid backtracking and longer-than-necessary explanations of what you […]

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