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Ten Commandments of Prospecting

Without prospects, you are unable to succeed at your job. To keep your prospect list fresh, follow these 10 commandments of prospecting: 

I. Make an appointment with yourself each day to prospect. Prospecting requires discipline. 

II. Make as many calls as possible. Define your target market and call only the best prospects, but make as many calls in an hour as you can. 

III. Limit your call to two or three minutes. All you need to accomplish on these calls is to introduce yourself and your product, briefly gain understanding of the prospect’s needs, and set an appointment. 

IV. Be prepared with a list of names before you call. Have at least a one-month supply of names at all times. 

V. Work without interruption. Don’t take other calls or allow interruptions during your prospecting time. The more calls you make, the better those calls become. Interruptions disrupt the quality flow. 

VI. Spend time prospecting during “off” hours. Conventional cold-calling hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., so try cold-calling earlier in the morning, during lunch, or after 5 p.m. 

VII. Vary your call times. Make prospecting calls at different times on different days. 

VIII. Be organized. If possible, use a digital contact management system. If you cannot use such a system, create a strict calendar and filing system to keep track of your prospecting calls. 

IX. See the end before you begin. Establish a goal, and then develop a plan to work toward the goal. 

X. Don’t stop. Persistence is one of the key virtues for selling success.