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SMART Ways to Build Loyalty

Success in wooing – and keeping – customers means being SMART:

  • Specify. Spell out to what extremes you’ll go to win the customers’ loyalty – not just satisfaction. And make sure everyone in the organization knows how far you want to go. 
  • Measure. Determine which survey devices you’ll use to learn how well your “extreme” customer service is working. And decide which incentives you’ll offer customers to answer your surveys. 
  • Agree. Constantly remind everyone – by displaying posters – what they’ve agreed to do for customers. 
  • Realize. Find out if you’re realizing your goals by measuring how much repeat business your efforts bring. 
  • Time. Set and meet deadlines that ensure extreme customer service. Example: If you commit to delivering by a certain time, don’t settle for anything less. That way, you’ll show customers you’re serious about keeping deadlines. 
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