Sales Solutions

How to Work a Customer in One Minute

You’re at a networking event or riding the elevator. Standing next to you is the ideal prospect, but this is no time to launch into a sales presentation. You’ve got one minute, at most, to explain who you are and what you sell in a way that will spark the prospect’s interest. Here’s what to do: 

Highlight what you want people to remember. People won’t remember most of what you tell them, so pick one memorable aspect of your products or business and then lead or close with it. For example, XYZ Corp. is the largest widget manufacturer in the state. 

Emphasize your “ups.” Your “Unique Selling Proposition” is what makes your company or product stand out from all the rest. Try focusing on that in your brief talk: “Telemarq phones have such clear sound quality, you can hear a pin drop.”

Spotlight your credibility. Talk about something that proves you’re best in the business – a testimonial, how long you’ve been around, awards you’ve won. For instance, “We were recently featured on Telecom Week’s list of the top ten most reliable cell phone manufacturers in the country.”

Hit the benefits. This approach works best if you already have a good sense about the concerns of the people you’re talking to. To a potential customer, your one to two sentences could address the high quality of your product; to someone in another industry, you might stress your community efforts. 

Avoid process and price. Don’t go into much detail about how your company produces its products or runs its services. That can come later, if the conversation turns in that direction. And keep price out of the talk unless it’s part of your USP or other positioning strategy.