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Four Detrimental Sales Mistakes

There are four detrimental, but easy-to-correct, sales mistakes:

1. Thinking like a salesperson rather than a customer.                                                         

 Thinking like a salesperson places the focus on what you want to sell. Thinking like a customer means getting in tune with what the customer needs and aligning product and service to fit the customer’s requirements. 

2. Looking only for “hot leads.”                                                                                                       

While taking time to qualify prospects is essential, it’s easy to make mistakes and destroy potential sales.                                                                                                                  In the first few seconds of talking to a prospect, the salesperson may ask, “When are you planning to make your decision?” Perceptive customers may not plan to do business with this salesperson.                                                                                                          Spending time attempting to understand the customer, creating interest, and demonstrating the benefits of buying the product or service are what will help set a buying situation. 

3. Refusing to cultivate prospects. 

While some prospects aren’t serious, far more send a variety of buying signals even though they aren’t ready to sign an order. These can be good prospects who must be cultivated over time before they become buyers. The salesperson who is there at the right moment gets the sale. Failing to cultivate results in lost sales. 

4. Neglecting to grow customers. 
Maximizing a customer’s buying potential takes commitment, research, persistence, and awareness. It takes time and effort to educate customers, to stay in touch with them, and to bring them along.