Don’t Chase Your Prospects. Let Them Chase You!

Tired of the constant follow-up with your prospects that seems to be going nowhere? You've made a presentation, but how do you close the sale? Suggest that without your product or service, your prospect will miss out on something great. Here are a few ideas. 

1. Tell a story that creates a sense of urgency. Uncover a situation where a delay in making a decision caused a loss - financial or personal. Build on this scenario by hinting that the solution was to make a decision. Give your prospect time to ponder. 

2. Dole out bits and pieces of how prospects will benefit. What are they currently living without - either on a business or personal level? More family time? Bigger profits? Invite them to take an action that will bring about these benefits. 

3. Hit their hot buttons. Position your product or service as a solution to an existing problem. Give them a better one than they have now. Create doubt and discomfort about their current situation, and position yourself as the person who will erase that doubt. 

Note: Lead your prospects, but don't try too hard. If you re finding yourself searching for reasons to call them, if you are uncomfortable about making another call, or if you feel yourself listening to a bunch of excuses, direct your energy elsewhere. There are plenty of prospects out there looking for good leadership - and that's what you have to offer!

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