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Commit to Specific ROI Goals

As with any other process objective, your people have to break major ROI objectives into smaller, achievable ROI goals. This is especially important when you’re dealing with the aforementioned long and complex processes. It takes time and focus – and again, you may want to involve multidisciplinary groups from different areas of your business. Publish the results of these goal-setting sessions to everyone in your organization. All of your people (and processes) have to be kept informed, on board, and up to date, or else you’ll all spin your wheels, and much time, effort, and money will go to waste. 

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Here are some QUICK and easy steps to help you become better at sales.  Quiet quiet, quiet. Know when to be quiet. Let your customer do most of the talking. They will tell you

To regain your imaginative edge:  Disrupt your daily habits. Commute to work a different way. Redecorate your office. “Borrow” an unused workspace. Changing your envir