Video Is A Powerhouse For Digital Dominance

Speak to your customers’ visual and auditory senses to propel your brand. As the landscape of digital marketing continuously evolves, the use of video has emerged as a powerful and essential tool for businesses seeking to connect with their target audiences in a compelling and engaging way. The importance of incorporating video into marketing strategies […]

Banishing the “But” – The Silent Saboteur of the BIG IDEA

There are two things that come to mind when thinking about the “Big Idea.” One is within the realm of marketing and advertising, and the other has to do more specifically with innovation in regards to products or technology. For this article, we will focus more on the marketing and advertising side, and the way […]

Consider the “WHY?” in Innovation 

Asking “WHY?” typically starts about the time children are two years old and continues until they are about five years old. The lessening of this question probably starts when children discover their parents, older siblings, and even teachers are tired of hearing them ask “WHY?” – but what if we need to be a little […]

A TARGETED STRATEGY begins with making sure you are climbing the right hill.

Most companies think they have a solid business and marketing strategy. In fact, it may be a good or even great strategy, but the reality is many strategies can be a gamble if not properly approached and developed. Common reasons include:  Basing strategies on wrong assumptions and gut feelings versus having a clear understanding of […]

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