What is ReVision?

The ReVision Model

Gears showing the ReVision Model

Every business has problems to solve.

ReVision™ is the breakthrough process that gets businesses on the right track.

The differences between thriving vs. struggling organizations are focus, energy and innovation. ReVision is a state-of-the-art process to break through the log jam of “can’ts”, “buts”, and “nos” to unify the team, then uncover and solve unidentified and “unsolvable” problems. The principles of ReVision apply to any business, any industry, any size.

We focus on four core areas: Operations, Products/Services, Sales, and Marketing. We uncover innovation and opportunity in each area and bring them all in sync. ReVision is the rocket fuel that transforms your business and takes your strategic plan to new heights.

Get outside the box. See your business differently.

The ReVision Process

ReVision™ turns an ordinary committee into an IDEA TEAM with simple, key questions proven to change the way companies approach and solve problems.

The process identifies problems and lays the foundation for a strategic plan to move the company forward. In the course of the process, clarity, focus and team unity are achieved. This team approach leads to a more strategic plan with immediate buy-in.



Virtual meeting with the ``owner`` of the problem to provide valuable insight into a problem you are facing.


ReVision Gifts InVentory

Team members who will be in the ReVision take a short, online survey which indicates how they approach work, problems, and solutions.



Reveal the starting problem and the TEAM's ReVision Gifts. Identify the current situation, problems and other related facts.



Turn problems into opportunities, uncover new (often more important) opportunities, create focus and prioritization.



Break through idea barriers, get outside the box and dig down to the “WHY?`` Explore endless possibilities to take organizations to innovative, transformative strategies and solutions.



Design a plan around strategies and tactics agreed upon with action steps, tasks and timelines for implementation.



Monitor progress, measure results, modify as needed.

Are you ready to see what ReVision can do for you?