Why do some people hate brainstorming?

If you want to start a revolution at your next staff meeting, grab a marker, stand up, and announce, “Okay everyone, we’re going to be innovative today. We’re getting outside the box and we’re gonna do some brainstorming for the next hour!” In their minds, your team members will be grabbing pitchforks, throwing darts, rolling […]

Innovation and the Art of Shaving

I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently and “discovered” The Art of Shaving. It’s an upscale mall store that is dedicated to one thing and one thing only…the perfect shave for men. As it turns out, I could have discovered it in any one of dozens of malls nationwide. The company has been around since […]

Walmart & Innovation

I took a quick, very unscientific survey recently. It was a one question survey: When you think of Walmart, do you think of innovation? 100% of the answers were the same… “no”. Walmart is just a big ol’ store with lots of stuff at low prices. No innovation, right? Think again.

March Madness and Innovation – what’s old is new.

We interrupt this blog for breaking news: I can now watch every game in the NCAA Tournament on my iPhone or iPad or Computer. It’ free. It’s easy and it’s innovation…in a retro kind of way. This is BIG. Imagine an entertainment model where the product is delivered absolutely free to the viewer and it […]

The Unique Selling Proposition – R.I.P.

The Unique Selling Proposition was the golden rule of advertising for decades, and no matter how much lip service is given to the value proposition and other strategies, the mindset of the USP is still there. It’s time to lay it to rest.

Ready to Think Big?