Remember to Balance Creativity with ROI

Let the heart rule the head - because this is true with 90 percent of your customers. We all like to think that we make our purchasing decisions in a completely rational manner. But, increasingly, research shows this is far from true. We are emotional beings, and we make most of our decisions emotionally. 

Many marketers, just like ad agency people, enter this area because they enjoy the creative process - whether this entails creating new methods to help sell and manage product, putting together visuals or copy, or even creating good relationships with clients. Creativity is still the cornerstone of marketing and is very necessary to build business and bring in new business in our hyper-competitive economy. But creativity should always be kept in balance with serving the marketing effort and bottom-line growth. Each new creative idea examined in light of "how do we quantify the returns on this?" Think of it as the yin and yang of marketing. 

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