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Make Your Follow-Ups Count

The Sales Bible 

Prospecting can get to be a lot like learning multiplication tables – mindless repetition of the same process. Often we send out letters to our prospects, then call to ask if they received the letter, and what do they say? “No!”

Let’s look at other ways of following up on that initial letter: 

Assume your prospects received your letter. Call ahead to the prospect’s assistant to put the letter in the in-box before you call! Or begin your call by saying that your letter wasn’t detailed enough. 

Start the conversation with a question. Ask about the prospect’s business. No one other than you cares about the company at this point. Encourage your prospects to think about aspects of their business that could be improved. 

Use examples, not statistics. If you tell prospects that other companies like theirs have been successful using your product or service, you are creating a much more favorable selling atmosphere than rattling off facts and figures 

Don’t talk about savings. Why? Because every one of your competitors is doing that. Be different! 

Be real! Let sincerity, humor, and friendliness color your conversation. Don’t be a robot with a script. 

Keep your focus. Sell something before you hang up – an interview, a trial offer, or simply another call.

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