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How to Make the Most of the ‘Send Me Some Material’ Request

Too often, a customer who says, “Send me some information on your product,” really means “Go away and stop bothering me.” To get the most value from the literature you send, follow these suggestions: 

Qualify the prospect. Find out how serious the person is by promising to send the brochure, then asking something like, “Are you considering a change right now?”

Explore his or her needs. Have several brochures prepared so you have a reason to ask the prospect about his or her specific needs and concerns. This gives you a chance to ask questions and probe.

Tell prospects what to expect. Let them know what they’ll see in the materials you plan to send: specific benefits, delivery options, and so forth. If there’s something you can highlight, be sure to tell them to look for it.

Discuss the next step. Arrange to call the prospect once he or she has received the information: “If I call you back Friday morning, will you have a few minutes to go over this?” 

Follow up. Don’t wait for the prospect to call you back. Stay in touch until the prospect makes a purchase or until you’re sure there’s no chance of a positive decision. 

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