Enhancing Customer Loyalty During Change

We are living in an age of incredible change and some instability. Organizations are undergoing massive changes including reorganizations, re-engineering, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, market conditions, software and hardware changes, and new management. 

This rapidly changing workplace demands adaptability on the part of salespeople. Old ways of doing things often no longer work. 

With change comes some internal chaos and resistance. As a result, customers may experience confusion and disruption in service. 

The customer's main concern is, "Will the changes in this organization simplify or complicate our relationship?" The client will make decisions based on how well your company answers these questions. 
Here are strategies that may help you retain your customers: 

Help your customers understand the "why" behind the changes. Explain the benefits as to why you're making the changes. 

Obtain customer feedback on the change(s). Invite key customers to be part of the change process. Ask "How can we serve you better?" If you ask for feedback, listen and be willing to consider the customer's input. 

Be proactive in broadening customers' understanding and perspective about your change(s). Customers don't want to switch to another service or product unless they have to. Make it easy for your customers to continue doing business with you. Be the best in providing a way of doing business that's designed with customers in mind. Show how your changes benefit them. You will capture their loyalty. 

Recognize that customers will be receptive to change if they see it as a way to improve results - more quantity, better quality, lower costs, less time, or some combination of these. 

Establish yourself as a valuable resource for customers. They will be much more likely to accept change if they see you as being responsive to their requirements. Service for the future means becoming a valuable resource for customers. If they don't receive this level of service from you, they will go elsewhere. Effective customer relations today must be equated with knowledge, information, and expertise. This is what today's customers require. 

The correct knowledge produces and keeps the right customers - regardless of change. 

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