Developing 20/20 Hearing: A Skill That Can Boost Sales

Successful salespeople are better listeners than talkers. Instead of talking about how valuable they are, they carefully listen for how they can be of value. Here are three steps to help salespeople develop “20/20” hearing:  1. Tune in totally. Before meeting, decide to listen 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the time. […]

Polish Your Negotiation Skills

Your sales force can speed through negotiations painlessly by keeping these pointers in mind. FOCUS ON THE OUTCOME. Let your customer know that your goal is to help him at a fair price for both of you. Keep the atmosphere friendly and calm. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Gather as much information as you can ahead of time. Study […]

You Can’t Afford Not to Prospect

The jury is out about whether good salespeople like to prospect or can do it well. But the bottom line is that without new business, salespeople are gambling. Here are some ways to go about prospecting successfully.  Allow time to prospect. Set aside a fixed number of hours for making cold calls, and stick to this […]

Tackling High-Priority Projects

Identify your top priorities. All jobs aren’t equally important, no matter how urgent they may appear. Due date alone is not always an indication of priority.  Make a list. Putting all your jobs and their deadlines into chart form helps you weigh one against another when setting priorities.  Know how much you have to do […]

Study Reveals Crucial Sales Tips

If you want to sell executives on a proposal, service, or project, your presentation must be organized – and it should also be informal, relaxed, and conversational. That’s a major finding from a study of 162 executives conducted by Genesis Training Solutions. Here are other suggestions to consider:  Avoid a hard-sell approach. Stay away from hype and […]

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