Achieve your goals

Achieve Your Goals

Setting and pursuing realistic goals is the key to success. How do you know if your goals are realistic? Once your goals are set, how do you achieve them? Follow these guidelines: 

  1. Use your interests to create a goal that is concrete and specific as well as inspiring. Combining your interests with your imagination helps you create a goal you'll want to achieve. 
  2. Write down your goal - what you want to do and what benefits it will have. This will help you to clarify what it is you want to accomplish. 
  3. Determine if your goal is worthwhile by asking if it is realistic and how it will affect yourself and others. However, don't discard a goal just because it appears difficult. 
  4. Develop a strategy by identifying possible problems you could encounter. When obstacles occur - and they will - you will be better prepared to deal with them. 
  5. List people, information sources, and organizations that will help you. It will be much easier to achieve your goal if you enlist the help of others. 
  6. Break down your strategy into small steps so you won't feel overwhelmed. Completing an aspect of your goal each day or week will give you a sense of progress.
  7. Set a timetable to keep track of your progress. Allow flexibility for changes. 
  8. Remind yourself of what you're working toward by using pictures or statements. For example, tape a picture of the car, house, or other object you want to purchase to your desk or mirror. 
  9. Learn from your setbacks. Use your failures to evaluate your progress. Make notes for future reference about what might have worked better. 
  10. Periodically examine your goal and modify it as needed. Circumstances arise that make it necessary to alter your plans. 

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