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Maybe your company or organization is facing some milestone moments and looking to get a better foothold on the future, like the fine folks at Braswell Family Farms.

While Carney & Co. doesn’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, we saw the potential along with the leadership team at Braswell Family Farms to ReVision the 74-year-old company. The premier supplier of poultry feed and eggs in the mid-Atlantic and southeast, the company was facing challenges in the path they could see for the future, including becoming a commodity in the marketplace. With third-generation family leadership stepping up, they took advantage of a 2-day ReVision to go through the process of identifying innovation in their business by determining the WHY? within their company and their customers.

Together, we were able to identify solutions to key problems, both internally and externally, clarifying the company’s future direction and the roles of its employees, and repositioning their brand to showcase the quality and value of their specialty feed and eggs.

The result was a better understanding among employees of what lay (no pun intended) ahead of them and what their responsibilities were. The new branding strategy created a more unified message, which emphasized the company’s family-owned-and-operated aspect and made it clear that they were dedicated to the quality of the final product from feed to food, with the tagline, “We are eggs.”

A new campaign was then put into action which utilized this refocused identity, resulting in four awards at the most recent Marketing Communications Agency Network competition. These included a Gold award for Mass Transit, Silver awards for Corporate Identity and Public Relations, and a Bronze award for Trade Magazine Ad. And, by marketing innovation, Braswell Family Farms is standing out from the flock.

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Getting “outside the box” is a lot easier than you think. Here are some great tips.

Five Tips for Truly Opening Your Mind

Here’s a formula for creative thinking from Tom Monahan, former ad agency owner, Creative Director, heavy thinker, and consultant. Tom says that great ideas don’t come from creative people, they come from Creative Thinking. He outlines three steps to stimulate creative thinking and generate more ideas faster.

1. Ask a BETTER QUESTION….Don’t just ask the obvious questions, pose the “what if” and “why not” questions. What if this product didn’t exist? What if it were blue instead of green? Why not sell to women?

  • Forces us to stretch
  • Leaves a void and stimulates curiosity
  • Visit the problem as early as possible so the subconscious mind can start to work sooner
  • Write questions and answers. We remember more when we are
  • writing, doodling, walking, etc.

2. Work FAST….100 MPH

  • Go for lots of ideas FAST. Gets you through the obvious faster.
  • Write them all down.
  • Don’t start working on ANY of the ideas until you have ALL the ideas.
  • Save ALL the ideas. Look at them 2 days later.
  • Law of large numbers: If you have more ideas, you will have MORE IDEAS.
  • Let go of what you think is brilliant…find something more brilliant
  • Takes quantity to get to quality
  • Don’t judge until you have LOTS OF IDEAS…
  • Don’t be afraid of failure… people who succeed more fail more

3. 180 degree thinking.

  • Think of how to do it “wrong”
  • Do the opposite of conventional thinking
  • Instead of a BIG idea, create a SMALL idea
  • Disengages the rational mind
  • Builds failure into the process