ReVision™ Questions & Answers

A: We believe you should always market innovation. So we start with a perspective very different from most agencies. We work in tandem with our clients to discover innovation opportunities.

A: Traditional agencies build plans with their hands tied behind their backs. They work without client participation. They go away, work alone, “brainstorm,” and develop ideas that can’t possibly be on target because they just don’t have key facts.

A: ReVision™ is a powerful tool we use to help our clients re-imagine their future and build innovative strategies to turn that new future into reality. We bring your key decision makers into our office and, together, create the foundation for the plan.

A: This is another thing that separates Carney & Company from every other agency in America. We bring our clients “inside the tent” so they are engaged from the beginning of the creative process. We identify the key challenges and develop strategic innovative marketing solutions.

A: Lightning fast clarity is one of the many benefits of ReVision. The first phase takes a day and a half and, because we have the agency and client’s brain trusts in the room, we achieve what normally takes months to accomplish.

A: We start with a short PreView meeting with the key decision maker, where we take what you believe to be the problem or issue and start fine tuning it. This allows the ReVision session to be more productive and focused.

We then profile each participant so we have a clear understanding of their unique problem-solving style. Each person is different, and it is critical that they not only understand themselves, but the rest of the team as well. This is where normal committee meetings and brainstorming sessions fail. Our process ensures maximum participation, productivity, and understanding.

A: Yes. This brings the team together in a way that is almost magical. The entire process takes a group of individuals and turns them into a Creative Committee… an IDEA Team.

A: All committees can be creative and productive. Sadly, they typically are not. It is too easy for a committee to lose focus and create a solution that is not really a solution or, just as bad, to solve the wrong problem.

A: It happens all the time. A company puts a lot of resources into a solution that doesn’t solve the real problem. We identify the real problem before we start working on solutions. It saves a lot of time and money.

A: The beauty of this process is that it automatically generates a lot of great ideas without brainstorming. Once we have identified the primary problems, issues, and opportunities, we kick the ideas into high gear with ideation tools that are easy to use and fun for the team. We generate unique, targeted ideas outside and inside the proverbial box.

A: That’s when the real work begins. After the ReVision session, we go to work, building on the ideas we developed together, and create a complete plan that’s strategic, innovative, and laser-focused. The results are powerful. We’re changing the future, one client at a time.

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