Our client journey starts with “Who”. You know your customers. You know who they are, where they live, their demographics… you might know their hobbies and interests. That kind of information is important, but we like to focus on their problems. What are their most important problems that your company’s products or services can solve? We look deeper into what drives your customers to make decisions. What we find is often a surprise and very different from what was expected. That’s the first key to a Marketing Innovation plan.


We focus on your product or service. What you are is usually seen as a commodity.  A bank, a restaurant, a manufacturer of widgets, a generic service provider. Sometimes the separation between you and your competition might be distinctive, but is not always relevant to your customer. We search for the Why. The Why is the unique solution you provide to your customer’s problem. It’s the thing that gets your advertising noticed, remembered and acted upon. When we have the Why, we have the beginning of a strategy that will connect you to your customers in a significant way… a way that will change your future.


We believe every company is capable of marketing innovation. It’s a simple matter of finding or developing a unique solution to your customer’s problems. It’s the Why. Once we’ve found that, we go to work on a strategic plan that will not only capitalize on your Why but will give you the Zag that will further separate you from your competition. What’s the Zag? We look at what your competition is doing… while everyone else is Zigging, we create a plan for you to Zag. We clarify the brand message and then create a communications plan that will get your message to the marketplace.

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At Carney & Co., we believe every company is capable of marketing innovation. We search for the WHY! Let us help you find or develop a unique solution to your customer’s problems.